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The Philippines is an economically, culturally, and religiously diverse country who is still in the infancy of their autonomous state and, as a result, is ripe for Godly influence on individuals, communities, governments, and the country as a whole. We seek to be where God is already moving and the whitened harvest is evidenced in the changed lives of people across the Philippines as they are being freed from the bondage of Islam, Catholicism, Idolatry, and inherited religion. Our strategy has us partnering our stateside resources with missionaries and pastors in the field that are spread throughout the Philippines including Luzon (northern islands including the capital of Manila), Central Philippines (including Legazpi City, Tribal villages around the Bicol Region and the island of Masbate), and Mindanao (southernmost area and surrounding islands).

Skills for Christ Partnership

HBC proudly sent and supports the Henley family to proclaim the gospel in Legazpi City and the Becol Region of the Philippines. The Henleys run a ministry called Skills for Christ, and by partnering with them, they are able to train the locals with practical skills as a means of sharing the gospel. Skills for Christ prayer cards are always available in our Mission Center and you can also find a list of prayer requests here. If you are interested in serving the people of the Philippines with us, please complete the Philippines Interest Form attached at the bottom of this page!

Opportunities for Partnering with Skills for Christ

• Mission Trips
• Building Projects
• Volunteers
• Prayer Support
• Financial Support

Prayer Requests for Henley Family

• Pray for Dan and Michelle as they continue to explore their surrounding communities for opportunities to share the gospel.
• Pray for continued provisions for their family and for consistent and sustained support for their ministry. They are having to replace parts in their only vehicle in order for it to run, and finding the correct parts for an affordable price can be challenging. Pray that they will be able to fix their car so they can continue their ministry in the local villages.
• Pray for Hephzibah, that we would continue to be a sending church, eager to not only support our partners in the Philippines financially but also with our time and energy.

For more info on partnering with with Henleys and Skills for Christ, please visit www.skillsforchrist.org

Eivens Family Partnership

Brad and Twyla are IMB missionaries who have been living and working on the southern island of Mindanao for the last 20 years. Originally assigned to a different people group they quickly realized that the Muslim groups around the island were incredibly marginalized and unreached. They have spent the better part of the last 2 decades not only reaching into communities where many of the local churches will not go but also creating teams of Filipinos that are taking on the responsibility of sharing Christ with their neighbors. Brad and Twyla have a wide network of churches, missionaries, schools, and community leaders who are actively involved in the great commission and who’s efforts are multiplied by God in reaching the people they love.

Javier Family Partnership

Jeremiah Javier is the Pastor of Grace Baptist church in Legazpi. He, along with his wife Eunice, are in-strumental in connecting us with other churches in the area and in providing us with a platform to reach Filipinos in the population centers around the region. The connections to these churches that are im-mersed in the daily life of their communities is an integral part of what makes our strategy effective. Empowering and engaging these pastors to impact their community through training and help with facil-itation is what will continue to deliver lasting results for the Kingdom of God.

Haegen Family Partnership

Steve and his wife are second generation IMB missionaries living and working in the Philippine capital of Manila. Assigned to the tribal people groups around northern Luzon, Steve has been effective at not only reaching in to these remote villages with the message of the Gospel but also in encouraging the villages to advance the Gospel through their own evangelism. Dan & Michelle Henley are currently partnered with 5 missionaries in their tribal area that were sent out by the tribes in Steve Haegen’s area.

Please fill out the form below if you’re interested in our Philippines partnership!