Connect Groups

We believe that Discipleship best takes place in the context of a small group. It's through our Connect Groups and Discipleship Groups that we are able to grow in our faith and have a healthy connection to Christ and the church.


Connect Groups meet on Sunday mornings and provide the opportunity to connect with a group of people in a similar walk of life. Not only will Connect Groups allow time for you to fellowship, but also to participate with others in worship, prayer, study, service, and community outreach.


9:00 am

Disciples by Grace – Room 207/209
– Taught by Joey Wood

10:30 am

Young Couples – Room 411
– Taught by Nathan Miller


8:00 am 

Bereans – Room 207/209
– Taught by Bill Brown

9:00 am

Couples in Christ – Room 205
– Taught by Mike Smith

Eagle’s Nest – Room 409
– Taught by Barry Tyndall

10:30 am

Living Proof – Room 207/209
– Taught by Roger Woods

Living by Grace – Room 207/209
– Taught by Clint Andrews


8:00 am

The Original Faith, Hope, and Love – Room 203
– Taught by Ron Holt

10:30 am

Agape Fellowship – Room 203
– Taught by Tony Reggie

Baker Bible Class – Room 205
– Taught by Gordon Johnson

Men Only

9:00 am

Men of Character – Room 401
– Taught by Robert Albertson

Women Only

9:00 am

Women of Worth – Room 411
– Taught by Lou Ann Liles

College and Career

10:30 am

College Students and Young Professionals – Room 409
– Taught by Matt Atkins

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