Go: Moldova

We've partnered with Moldova for
Years (and counting!)

Our Partners

  • Medical Mission Partnership
    Otaci, Moldova and surrounding areas
  • Youth Camp Partnership
    Plop Village, Moldova
Peter Mikhalchuk, Pastor
Blagovest Church in Kalarashovka, Moldova
Sasha Aftinesku, Pastor
Ruzhnitsa Village, Moldova

Frequently Asked Questions

Our ultimate goal is always to make disciples and fulfill Jesus’s Great Commission. Through medical clinics and youth camps, we are able to meet physical needs as well as share the name and love of Jesus.
Our two trips to Moldova look very different. The youth camp team can expect to engage with youth and young adults through outdoor games, small group Bible study, and relationship building activities. The medical clinic team can expect to provide impoverished families with medical care, food, and water. The medical clinic also leads worship services in each village.
Our youth camp team accepts youth, young adults, and adult chaperones on the trip. We simply ask that you come with a willing and expectant heart and the anticipation for God to do great things. If you love Jesus, you’re qualified! All of the above also applies to our medical clinic team. Additionally, prior medical experience is preferred but not required.
We’re so glad you asked!

Medical Team:
1. Travel mercies on the way to Moldova and when crossing into the Ukraine
2. Unity for the American, Ukrainian, and Moldovan ministry teams
3. For God to multiply our medical supplies in each village
4. For strength and energy for our team as we travel to many villages and work long hours
5. Fruitful preaching and teaching of God’s Word while in the clinics
6. Holy Spirit would soften the hearts of those who hear the Gospel preached in the clinics and in homes
7. We would be an encouragement to the people, pastors, and churches while ministering in the villages

Youth Camp Team:
1. Doors to open quickly so early connections with the youth can be made
2. Fruitful preaching and leading of small groups
3. Energy and strength for students and HBC team members
4. Self-reflection in the youth and for the Holy Spirit to stir their hearts
5. Travel mercies and for everyone to be calm and collected while traveling
6. Health and safety while traveling and while playing games with campers
7. Eyes and ears of the students to be opened; many students will come with hardened hearts as they come from broken homes.

Fill out the interest form at the bottom of this page! Additionally, be on the look out for our Go: Moldova teams in the Mission Center on Sundays at HBC. They would be happy to point you in the right direction.
Both of our Moldova teams are already full for 2017. We send our these teams in July each year, so keep an eye out in late winter/early spring for trip informational meetings and registration.

Moldova Interest Form

  • It is not required that you be a member of HBC to participate in one of our mission trips.