This partnership aims to assist church planters in the Northern Moldova and Southern Ukraine to effectively reach their communities with the gospel of Jesus Christ through medical mission teams, sports camps, leadership training, and witness training.

HBC has the privilege of sending two mission teams to Moldova every July. Our first trip is the sports camp; we focus on meeting each child where they are by engaging with them both physically through sports and spiritually through the study of God’s Word. The second trip is our medical mission trip where we are able to minister to the great physical needs of the locals while also preaching the gospel, sharing in musical worship, and meeting with families in their homes. We partner with Pastor Peter to assist him in growing the churches in this region and bringing awareness of Jesus’ love to the communities.

A message from our Moldova Camp partnership leader:

Our Moldova Camp is a partnership with a network of churches throughout several villages in norther Moldova and southern Ukraine, primarily led by Pastor Peter and Pastor Sasha. The camp consists of Moldovan youth (ages 12-24). Half of the students are active participants or members of the local churches, while the other half are youth in the community who are not regularly involved in any local church.

Each year, we have a theme verse that we focus on. We teach, lead small group discussion, and allow the students to express their abilities through art, song, and drama. This year, our theme verse is 1 John 2:14. There is a great deal of spiritual warfare in their lives and in their culture (as there is everywhere). Their leaders would like us to focus on overcoming that through the Word of God.
We also play sports, lead morning exercises, play games, and hang out with the youth in our down time. We go to Moldova with a plan, but remain very flexible. We are going to become all things to all people that we might save some. Our goal is to partner with the local leaders to do whatever we can to bring Glory to God. As the Moldovans say: Слава Богу (Slava Bogu)!

Pastor Peter and Liuda Mikhalchuk

Moldova Prayer List (updated March 14, 2017)

  • Pray for physical and spiritual strength for Pastor Peter as he has great responsibility in his church. He says he is very busy and often feels tired.
  • Pray that God would rise up a second pastor for Peter’s church to help Peter bear the load of ministry. Pastoring any church comes with its challenges, but where Peter lives it is exponentially more difficult. He is praying that help is on the way and has specifically asked us to join him in this prayer.
  • Pray for the geopolitical factors that can have impacts on our access and ability to serve in Moldova and Ukraine. Tensions have been rising in recent years with Russian aggression and a pro-Russian population in areas where we work.
  • Pray for Peter Mikhalchuk and Sasha Aftinescu, the pastors and missionaries we work with. They have recently planted a new church that has had 2 baptisms in the village Chapaevka.
  • Pray for Pastor Sasha’s Church in Rujnita that is building a House of Prayer. Pray that the church should continue to grow, and that the Lord would provide money for them to complete the construction.
  • Pray for the students who we have ministered to the past few years. That the Gos-pel they have heard with their ears would take root in their hearts. And pray that the Lord would be preparing the soil in the hearts of those who will hear the Gos-pel next summer.
  • Pray for softening of hearts for both the medical clinic patients and the community members. We will have a very short time with each patient before they see the doctors and we want to make great use of that time.
  • Pray for language barriers to be broken. We will be delivering at least two sermons each day in the medical clinics and these sermons are translated.
  • Pray that God would provide the medical supplies necessary to effectively minister to the physical needs of the patients in our clinics.

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