GO Local

We Started GO Local
Years Ago


Local Neighborhood Ministries (LNM) is a thriving part of Go Local that seeks to reach into nearby neighborhoods to share the name of Jesus Christ all while playing games, making crafts, and forming new friendships. This ministry runs on a weekly basis and grows every time. LNM is a diverse ministry that accepts the challenge of working in hard-to-reach neighborhoods, but also loves to minister to new, growing neighborhoods. If you’ve been wanting your family to get involved together, LNM is a great place to start!
Multiplication by Subdivision is a facet of Go Local that exists to spread vast awareness of HBC’s services, ministries, and mission opportunities. Multiplication by Subdivision aims to bring as many people as possible through the doors of HBC to receive the Word of God, to see and feel the love of Christ, and to get plugged into the community that we all know and love so much. We achieve this through door hanger campaigns, block parties, and free community events.
HBC is proud to support our Wendell police officers, fire fighters, and Emergency Medical Technicians. In addition to praying for them, we provide them with seasonal treats and gifts of thanks to remind them that they are valued in our community.
Wendell Middle School Teacher Appreciation is one of Go Local’s newest ministries! We have opportunities to provide teachers with meals on early release days, with gifts and cards during the holidays, and with prayer support all year round.

Thirteen years ago, our “Go Local” ministry began with our annual Feast of Plenty. Year after year we serve our community a home-cooked Thanksgiving meal and send each family home with food for their own meal on Thanksgiving day. During the meal, we present the Gospel to everyone and also enjoy a worship service together. Feast of Plenty has been a favorite ministry of HBC members for years, so it’s with bittersweetness that we say our upcoming Feast of Plenty will be our last. However, the ending of our Feast of Plenty simply marks the beginning of something new. Moving forward, we’re planning to take holiday meals to people by hosting neighborhood cookouts and fellowships in the community. Please stay tuned for exciting information regarding this new chapter in our Go Local book!

Blake Powers is our Go Local leader, although there are many others who direct each facet of the ministry. Email Blake at missions@hbcwendell.com for more information on how you can get involved in HBC’s Go Local ministries! You can also call the church office at 919-365-7847.