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GO Philippines

Our partnership in the Philippines has many elements to it, just like our GO Moldova partnerships. We are blessed to work with many Godly missionary families and pastors whose main goal is to make Christ known among the nations. This partnership started off with us working alongside one missionary family, and now it has grown into a much larger partnership that includes at least three missionary families and their churches, plus a new partnership through Word of Life in Indonesia. 

While the travel is exhausting, the fruit of the labor is plentiful in the Philippines. Once a year, we get to pour into pastors, missionaries, and their families at a pastor's retreat. Being a missionary or pastor in this region is extremely difficult and can wear hard on our partners. We get to meet them where they are and let them get ministered to for one week, whereas the rest of the year they are busy ministering to others.

We also help Filipino pastors and church leaders host a student camp each year. This is another opportunity for Hephzibah students to go on an international mission trip where they will get to show youth their age what it looks like to know and serve God.

We have begun work in Indonesia as well to work with Filipino and Indonesian students through Word of Life. We are excited about the potential this partnership has and believe God is constantly opening new doors for us to be His witnesses in Southeast Asia.

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