Jumpin’ Junction


Your babies and children are invited to our Jumpin’ Junction on Sunday mornings!
Our experienced class leaders will take great care of your kids and teach them about Jesus while you’re in Connect Group and Worship.
You’ll find us on the 100 Level on the Preschool Hall.

Frequently Asked Questions

We believe that preschoolers are like sponges; they soak up everything they hear. Therefore, the only room treated as a “nursery” is the infant room. God’s Word goes out at an age-appropriate level from the time our children begin to crawl and move to the “crawler room.”
Structure begins at the age of two. Because children learn by playing, rooms are divided into Centers when the children enter. They spend time playing and learning to play together. We have a structured classroom in both Connect Group hours and the children hear their “lesson” two different times. During our first hour, preschoolers stay in their classroom, playing and learning. They hear a story while sitting in chairs and have a music time where they learn that praise and worship are an important part of learning about God. For a portion of our second hour, preschoolers join together into one big class for a praise and worship time with Mrs. Leanne. They learn to sit in worship and sing together, learning to use their voices, play instruments, and various hand and body motions. They are in their classrooms during the other parts of the Connect Group time. We teach the attributes of God to every age level and lay a basic foundation for them so they can begin to understand their need for Christ and His forgiveness. This ability to understand, of course, is different for every child, but it is important that we are always adding to the foundation and preparing through every activity, game, lesson and song used in Jumpin’ Junction!
Yes! Our WeeSing choir was made for your preschoolers. Music is truly a language that every child understands and is one of the best tools to teach the truth of God’s Word (at any age). Dedicated and gifted choir leaders spend time teaching our young boys and girls songs that get them moving and keep them learning. We spend time singing, playing, sometimes make a craft together, and have a snack. For many of our preschoolers, this is one of their favorite times in church!

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