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Chris and Gemma Ney of Vertical Church in Cochrane, Canada.


What does this partnership involve?
Community outreach through sports camps and VBS, prayer for future ministry, and surveying community to gain better perspective on how we can serve. We hope to continue to provide sports camps and VBS and to have more mission trips, and potentially helping with some facility upgrades.

Qualifications to be a part of Go Canada
The only qualifications is a desire to reach the lost and serve our Lord in Canada.

How to pray for Go Canada
Ask God to give those at Vertical Church direction, and wisdom in reaching in their spiritually dark community. Pray that God would grant them direction to launch a new work to reach the many nations people represented in Cochrane who don’t know Jesus.

Dates for Go Canada
In the summer of 2016 we will be going to Canada primarily to help facilitate Vacation Bible School.
Canada Vacation Bible School » July 23-30

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Pastors Dan, Rex, Jeremiah, Ulysses of Grace Baptist Church, Bicol Baptist, outlying Legazpi churches, and cooperative churches in the nearby island of Masbate.


What does this partnership involve?
Construction of additional space for Grace Baptist Church, ceiling repair for the church of Pastor Dan (outlying church), and motorcycle repair on a motorcycle that supports the ministries in Masbate. We hope to expand this partnership to help with a “summer” camp for children, medical missions, and the possibility of other ministries as needs arise.

Qualifications to be a part of Go Philippines
A burden to serve and reach people for the gospel. All skill sets are necessary but it could certainly include speaking/teaching, caring for children, musical talents, experience in medicine, etc.

How to pray for Go Philippines
Pray for the people who we will interact on future trips, that the Holy Spirit will prepare their hearts to hear the gospel. Pray for those who have been reached through our efforts in the Philippines, that the local churches will welcome them as family so they can grow in their relationship with Jesus. Ask God to provide new opportunities and needs as we plan future trips and that we would be willing and able to meet them.

Dates for Go Philippines
In the fall of 2016 we are going to the Philippines to facilitate a camp for middle school and high school students.
Philippines Camp » May 19-28

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hephzibah baptist church


Grant and Gina Hasty of Crossroads Community Baptist Church in Whitley, Kentucky.

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What does this partnership involve?
Evangelism, Construction (at facility and in community), Vacation Bible School, waiting tables at The Lord’s Café, adult home missions, laundry mat missions. Each year during the summer families at HBC have an opportunity to go on a mission trip, and this trip is designed for the whole family to get involved in spreading the truth of the gospel and the love of Jesus Christ.

Qualifications to be a part of Go Kentucky
Both families and individuals are welcome to be a part of this partnership. There are no age restrictions, but there is no childcare for children under the age of 3. The adult home missions and outdoor evangelism are both ideal for parents with small children. Church membership is required for the parents participating.

How to pray for Go Kentucky
Pray that our heavenly Father will provide financial support and comfort for our NAMB partner, Grant Hasty. Ask God to soften the hearts of those living in McCreary County so they are open to hearing the Gospel. Ask God to bring healing and change of heart and mind to parents in the community who suffer from addictive tendencies, specifically that they would realize only God will bring them peace. Lift up those who are selfishly depending on the kindness and generosity of others to get by, and pray that God would use Crossroads Community Baptist Church to show them that Christ can transform their lives.

Dates for Go Kentucky
In the summer of 2016 we will be on mission in Kentucky July 2-9. We are in the process of planning a trip in the fall specifically for construction, but the dates are not yet set.

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Pastor Manuel Iraheta, Pastor Lionel Claras, Hermano Bani,  Pastor Nain Iraheta, Hermano Jonathan Castillo of Iglesia Bautista Hefzi-Bah de Parmas and Mision Bautista en Trujillo.

What does this partnership involve?
Street evangelism, evangelism training for the believers of the local church, outreach projects, and provision for basic medical needs. We hope to continue to do similar ministry with our partners in Honduras in the years to come, assisting them in whatever means we can.

Qualifications to be a part of Go Honduras
Those interested in Go Honduras must be in relationship with Jesus Christ that is growing in personal holiness, a heart for the lost, and love for the local church.

How to pray for Go Honduras
Pray for the leaders of the church in Honduras to live holy lives, seeking the Lord, in order for them to lead the church to be doctrinally sound. Pray for the people of Honduras to come to know the Lord through the local church. Pray for the corruption in the country to change. Pray for the people of Honduras to value life. Pray that the believers in Honduras would not be fooled by the prosperity gospel. Pray for those who are called to the ministry to be trained. Pray for those in the country who have never heard heard the gospel, that they might hear, understand and become followers of Jesus Christ. Pray for a mission being started in Olanchito, Honduras, that it would be effective at ministering to their community and reaching the lost.

Dates for Go Honduras
Our trips to Honduras typically occur over the summer, and occasionally over the week of Easter or the end of December based on need.

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Pastoral partners – Alexandr (Sasha) Aftinescu in Balti, Moldova, and Peter Mikhalchuk in Mogilëvpodolskiy, Vinnyts’Ka Oblast’, Ukraine.
Translators – Deni Kaletnik, Serge Mazur

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What does this partnership involve?
HBC serves and supports Moldovan churches through basic medical assistance, sports camps, and evangelism. We have served the Northern territory of Moldova and the Southern Ukraine in communities such as Otaci and Balti. Partnering with local pastors, we seek to serve communities through the partnering of all generations in worship, service and the addressing of physical needs.

Qualifications to be a part of Go Moldova
First and foremost, those interested in Go Moldova must be in relationship with Jesus Christ that is growing in personal holiness, a heart for the lost, and love for the local church. Those interested must also be willingness to adapt personal preferences to cultural norms, physically apt to do physical excursions, and at least 18 years of age.

How to pray for Go Moldova
Pray for Pastor Peter and partnering pastors as they develop new opportunities for ministry in new villages and territories. Pray that God would prepare the “harvest field” for the ongoing ministry being done weekly in the local churches and that He would prepare a place for our team as we minister through medical clinics, food distribution, and local outreach. Also pray as preparations are being made for camp, that all the needed facilities would be reserved and available, and that the resources to host 200+ students would come together. Pray that God would raise up the leadership team, both Moldovan and American, to minister, fellowship and develop relationships for God’s glory at the camp and in the surrounding communities.

Dates for Go Moldova
In the summer of 2016 we will be taking two trips to Moldova. One will be focused on assisting with medical needs and sharing the gospel, the other is helping facilitate a summer camp for youth and young adults.
Moldova Camp » June 30-July 9
Moldova Medical » July 14-23

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hephzibah baptist church

The members of Hephzibah Baptist Church! What? Yep, you read that correctly. Followers of Jesus that are a part of the HBC family are our partners to reach our local community.

What does this partnership involve?
It is the privilege of every believer to faithfully live for the glory of God by intentionally sharing the gospel with their families, friends, co-workers, and even their enemies (Romans 12:14-21).

Qualifications for Go Local
A faith driven, God honoring relationship with Jesus Christ as savior and Lord, and willingness to fulfill the great commission. Most of our ministry events are scheduled within a 4-6 week window at most and dates change every year based on other church and community events. Below is a list of events we currently partake in:

  • HBC Food Pantry – Open 1:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. on Monday and Wednesday
  • Brown Bag Lunch – every Saturday 9:00am St Eugene’s
  • Swimming for Jesus – transport children to swimming lessons in Zebulon
  • Book Bag Event – donate school supplies and pack book bags and help with event
  • Jesus in the Park – teaching bible lesson in communities each Sunday
  • Feast of Plenty – Thanksgiving meal for community
  • Mobile Market – third Saturday food giveaway~rotates every 3 months
  • Toys for Tots – December event to distribute toys and teach bible lesson to the families

How to pray for Go Local
Prayer for salvation of those we minister to, that trusting relationships in our communities would develop, volunteers with a heart for our community and the in need families,  donations for supplies (especially Bibles)for each child and parent with Jesus in the Park, financial donations to cover needs in the community, and discovering families whom’s physical needs can be met alongside their spiritual needs.